Delivers both a shorter stroke at the lever and reduced effort, with a revised actuation ratio in combination with ST-6800 and polymercoated cables.
  • pretty_bullet.png New designed pull arm for more direct and easy shifting
  • pretty_bullet.png More equal shifting effort across the range
  • pretty_bullet.png New support bolt for more stable contact to the frame (brazed-on boss frame)

Product Specs

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Model Number FD-6800
Cassette Compatibility 11
Top Gear Teeth 46-53T
Maximum Capacity 16T
Link Bushing 7
Chain Stay Angle 61-66
Mounting Clamp Band (FD-6800-B); Brazed-On (FD-6800-F)
Chain Line 43.5
Band Mount 28.6mm(w/adapter)/31.8mm/34.9mm
Band Material Aluminum
Outer Link Aluminum/Painted
Inner Link Aluminum/Painted
Average Weight FD-6800-B (104g); FD-6800-F (89g)