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Dual Control levers

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Quick View ST-S705_1200x900_v1_m56577569830921198.jpg ALFINE DI2 Dual Control Lever (8/11-speed) Quick View SW-S705_600x450pix_v1_m56577569830818387.jpg ALFINE Di2 SHIFTING SWITCH Quick View ST-8S20_600x450_v1_m56577569830714278.jpg NEXUS Shifter with 3-finger Brake Lever (8-speed)

8-Speed Tap-Fire Shifter-Brake Lever

Quick View SB-8S20C_600x450_v1_m56577569830921406.jpg Nexus Revo Brake/Shift Lever (8-speed)

8-Speed Revo Shifter-Brake Lever

Quick View ST-U5060-R_standard_1200-900_v1_m56577569831021536.png ST-U5060 Sets

Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever (2/1x11-speed)