Deore XT M8000 Brake Lever

Consistent, predictable and powerful. Rider Tuned brake system. Integrated design.
  • pretty_bullet.png More stable brake performance in various conditions without a change in lever position.
  • pretty_bullet.png High power and controllable braking for all MTB riding styles.
  • pretty_bullet.png Smoother operation, subtle control with minimum free stroke.
  • pretty_bullet.png Easy maintenance.
  • pretty_bullet.png Sleek, durable and clean master cylinder design with I-specII.

Product Specs

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Model Number BL-M8000
Brake Compatibility BR-M8000
Brake Hose Type SM-BH90-SBM
Brake Lever Size 2
SERVO WAVE Action Power Adjuster x
Reach Adjuster x