The new Zee hydraulic disc brake system includes shorty style levers and a powerfull 4-piston brake caliper just like its big brother Saint. Brakes will come outfitted with proven Ice Technologies brake pads that help keep your brakes running cool in even the most extreme downhill conditions.
  • pretty_bullet.png Radiation fin pad with new metallic compound to improve control and consistency
  • pretty_bullet.png Super stiff high-power 3-layer brake hose for a more consistent lever feel
  • pretty_bullet.png One-Way Bleed for easy and clean servicing
  • pretty_bullet.png 4 Piston caliper

Product Specs

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Model Number BR-M640
Series ZEE
Brake Type Hydraulic Disc-brake
Compatible Brake Lever BL-M640
Brake Pad Types D01S Resin D02S Metal
Hydraulic Fluid SHIMANO Mineral
Brake Hose Type SM-BH90-SBS
Average Weight Weight: 314g (Resin pad)