Voluntary recall Shimano roller brakes

Shimano has identified a potential safety issue involving the BR-IM45 and BR-IM55 roller brakes, which were sold to consumers after 15 January 2015. From their internal quality tests it showed that the brake drums of a small number of these roller brakes contain small cracks. If a rider uses these brakes with significant force the brake may fail, which might lead to incidents.

Until now there are no reports of incidents. However, as all of the Shimano products should meet the highest industry standards and in the interest of putting the safety of its consumers first, Shimano decided to undertake a voluntary recall of the affected roller brakes.

For the affected countries and bicycle brands please refer to the attached overview. In addition, a limited number of the affected roller brakes were sold as spare part to dealers only in the Benelux.
The affected roller brakes are only those with the following production codes: ML and NA.

This product recall does not apply to bicycles which are sold before 16 January 2015. Affected roller brakes that are marked with a white dot or green sticker (see image) have already been checked by Shimano and are also not subject to this recall.

Consumers who are in the possession of a bicycle with the affected roller brake should stop using it immediately and go to their dealer for a free of charge replacement. Consumers who are not certain whether their bicycle is assembled with an affected roller brake, should go to their dealers to have their brakes checked.

Shimano apologizes for any inconvenience.

productie_codes 2.jpg
groene_sticker 2.jpg